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    does anyone have any recommendations on foods or dishes that I should try while I am there? also, what are some of the best restaurants to go to?

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    Hi there,

    There is a spicy sausage called Boerewors and Skop are two delicacies you must try while there. Skop, by the way, is usually the head of a sheep which is cut, cleaned and then, boiled.

    The top ten fine dining South Africa restaurants include:

    1. Bosman’s
    2. The Tasting Room
    3. Zackary’s
    4. Aubergine
    5. La Colombe
    6. Cleopatra Mountain Farm House
    7. Linger Longer
    8. Auberge Michel
    9. La Madeleine
    10. Hartford House

    Hope this helps

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