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    Hello, I am traveling to Buenos Aries in March from Los Angeles. I plan to stay in Buenos Aries for a week or so and then move south. before winter. I have a 3-4 months time available on a budget of 50 USD a day. I am interested in routes people have taken and some great places to visit. Thanks in advance for your input and your experience.
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    Hi John,

    Buenos Aires is truly a magnificent place to be, offering world-class museums, theaters and much more.

    Plaza de Mayo is a great place to begin your vacation and then branching out to places such as Colon Theater, which is the most famous opera house and have held the performances of Gigli, Krauss and Pavarotti.

    Visit the National Museum of Fine Arts, which is ranked international as one of the best museums to see and it is also free to visit.

    Because there is so much to see, it would be best if you take a tour of Buenos Aires as you would be able to visit places like the Cementerio de la Recoleta, where the most celebrated Argentineans are buried including Eva Peron and her family.

    There are many Buenos Aires hotels to stay at including the five star Caridge Hotel resort that is walking distance to any downtown destination.

    Then, there is the International Hotel Buenos Aires which offers all the luxuries of home including a pool and much more.

    Make sure to try yerba mate which is a herbal drink similar to tea and it is also Argentina’s national drink

    Hope this Helps
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    Hi John,

    You definitvely have to head South first because autumn is already fresh and cold in Patagonia. My personal favourite place in the South is El Bolson, about 100 km from Bariloche.

    When traveling in Buenos Aires and the Central and North of Argentina, we have different options to offer you for interesting excursions. Think about horse riding, rafting, mineral searching, bird watching, fly fishing, golf, etc.

    We ourselves live in the Sierras de Córdoba and we would advise you to also visit this beautiful zone, where in winter is sunny and dry (but cold).

    Have a great trip,

    Jan & Lis
    Heart of Argentina Travel
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    You should be more than OK with that budget. Compared to LA, everything will be very cheap. Also, there are a lot of free and cheap things to do in the city. There are a lot of great, walking, running and biking tours that can get you around the city with little to pay. You can walk through one of the many parks, or go down to the ecological reserve and river. You can take cheap day trips to Tigre to compliment your time there (though i'd recommend staying away from the casino if you want to save money). Also, there are cheap plane tickets to other great parts of Argentina, like Ushuaia and Bariloche, and plenty of websites that can help you find all the best deals.

    BA is a great place, and you'll be happy you picked it!

    Good luck!

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