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    we'd like to spend a vacation in the south of France but this region seems way too pricey. St Tropez, Cannes, etc; want to visit these places but don't wish to stay there. Has anyone got suggestions on places in the south of France close to the sea that are affordable?
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    The places you've mentioned are definitely the most expensive places to stay in the south of France by far, though you can always visit St.Tropez or Cannes on day trips without breaking the bank!

    If you want an affordable vacation in the south of France, avoid the summer months and choose instead the fall or early spring. There are sleepy towns not far from Cannes or St. Tropez where you can base yourself such as the town of Gigaro which is only 7 miles from St.Tropez.

    Gigaro is also located on a beautiful stretch of coast with strips of sandy beach dotted by villas and charming hotels.
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    You are right that south of France is pricey but if you want to have a real taste of France this region is a must. One idea of doing it to get a last minute deal through a vacation villa rental website and spend few days over there. You will be surprised by the price of last minute cancelled deals on holiday villas.

    hope this helps
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    The places mentioned will make an expensive trip. Plan in unseasonal breaks where you can make a budget trip with good offers as well.
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    where to go in south of France

    I'd also wouldn't suggest staying in Cannes since accomodation will be well pricey, but definitely visit the Cannes for the day. As far as where else to go and stay in the south of France I would visit the Provence region because it has an endless supply of beauty, history, culture, and sunshine.

    Perpignan is also only 15 mins by car from the Spanish border so it's nice base for trips to Andorra and Barcelona.

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