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Discussion in 'Czech Republic' started by Xmas2010, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Xmas2010

    Xmas2010 New Member

    im traveling to Czech Rep in two weeks time..i was wondering about souvenirs to bring back and best/cheapest spots to do souvenir shopping ?
  2. Touch-HD

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    souvenir shopping in Czech

    no matter where you go in Czech republic, best you avoid the touristy areas, souvenir shops, malls, etc to get the best prices and avoid getting ripped off. Czech crystal and garnets are great to bring back home but be weary of fakes. If you love alcohol, you should also bring back Czech herb liqueur and local beers like Staropramen and Gambrinus.
  3. telefunkunk

    telefunkunk New Member

    tax-free shopping

    souvenir shops and shopping centers are really the best places to get fine selection of Czech goods. It's also not so expensive if you know how to shop tax free. If you're a tourists from outside the EU you wont pay VAT on purchases. Not all shops are tax free, but the ones that are will have a "Tax Free" sign in the shop window.
  4. Xmas2010

    Xmas2010 New Member

    Re: tax-free shopping

    oh I can get tax-free for anything I buy then? how does it work? do I just tell the shop owner im not European???
  5. telefunkunk

    telefunkunk New Member

    how to do tax-free shopping in Czech

    I believe you have to spend over $100 (~2030czk) and you will have to show proof like a passport, I think. either way, when you pay for the goods, ask the shop owner for a Tax Free shopping voucher, which will have to get stamped by a Czech customs official within 30 days of the date of purchase. Do this at the airport when you leave, otherwise you can't claim!

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