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    HEy possibly i have my friend who is gonna travel to thailand for a month to enjoy the scenic beauty there and possibly he wanted me to just check out some awesome spa in thailand so tht he can go and relax see he doesnt even have time to check online for great destination sites and so im doing this work for him so ppl if ull can help me plzzzz let me know the best spa resorts in thailand so probably i could help him out and make his trip worth it and im doing this so tht he gets some really good personal time. Well incase if you ppl can also give me some contactdetials probably to make a prior booking so it waould be great.
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    hi there,

    One popular Phuket Resort Spa is the JW Marriott, where you can enjoy herbal wraps, salt scrubs, and facials masks made in Thailand. At this spa, you'll receive a genuinely local experience and have the opportunity to bring home some Thai products with you.

    Another popular choice for spas in Thailand are the Koh Samui spa resorts, which combine spa treatments with yoga classes.
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    hey thx so much ill definitely go ahead and look well do you mind to let me know how possibly do the bookings is it possible on their site itself
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    My fafourite is Sukko Spa chain, just goole it you can find their locations.

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