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Discussion in 'North Carolina' started by nara22, Jun 26, 2007.

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    In my country each summer is different and some times I feel very hot. I am tired of this summer and want to get relax. I am planning to visit Spa Resorts in North Carolina but not too expensive. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding the affordable Spa Resorts in North Carolina. I am interested in taking a healthy spa, so any recommendations about the healthy spa types? Thanks.
  2. Spavelous

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    If you are looking for Affordable, then I would recommend LAKEVIEW AT FONTANA, BRYSON CITY, NC . It is a rustic, affordable spa. They have yoga and breakfast & Lunch is included in some of the packages, There are other activities as well. For more options visit me at
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    The spa resorts in North Carolina are most refined in the Southern United States. The affordability depends on the spa treatments you choose. If you want spa treatment in the urban areas of North Carolina, Charlotte and Raleigh are great places to relax. If you are visitor, who want to unwind just for some days, the Grove Park Inn Resort will be perfect for your spa vacation. This resort is most affordable offering additional services like chocolate and champagne along with spa packages.

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