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Discussion in 'Mexico' started by PR-GH, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. PR-GH

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    I'm going to Cancun for 2 weeks all inclusive, how much would you recommend I take with me?
  2. Ruby

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    If you're going all inclusive in Cancun, you won't need to take as much money with you, but if you plant to party a lot be aware that the bars there cost about $35 to get into. Having dais this, you can buy "party hopper" bracelets from the hotels, which they'll give you access to all the clubs.

    Overall, I wouldn't bring a lot of cash, around $200 would be fine. If you did need more cash, you can always withdraw or use your credit card to pay for things.

    The reason to do this also is because you'll get a better exchange rate and you won't have to worry about getting your money stolen if you bring a large amount.

    Just remember - if you have pesos left over you can exchange them back when you get home. They'll accept the bills, but not the coins, so make sure you use up as many of the coins as possible before you leave.
  3. luky7

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    how much money to spend in cancun

    If you're wondering how much money to spend in Cancun, I'd suggest around $900 for a week's vacation and around $1800 for 2 weeks, but that's only if you're not going all inclusive as Ruby said.

    If you're staying all inclusive for 2 weeks, I'd say take $900 and you'll be fine, though do budget for things like excursions and extra activities that you won't be doing inside the resort. Trust me, you won't want to spend all 2 weeks cooked up inside the prison that an all inclusive resort basically is!
  4. Temptation

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    I usually spend around £600 in two weeks and that's doing a lot of things. You don't really need much at all in Cancun unless you want to go out all the time. Why would you want to go out all the time when you have hotels like Temptation Resort and Spa which is definately not a prison and if it is then i'm off to commit a crime i would gladly spend 25 years in Jail.

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