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    Talk about spicy tours! When the Europeans were sailing to the new world, they brought with them nutmeg, which adds intriguing flavors to much more than egg nog. The warm breezes of Grenada and the soil conditions are ideal for growing spices .Today, Grenada is one of the leading growers of nutmeg. It's not unusual to smell spices on the breeze.
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    Carribean's Spice Island

    hence Grenada's nickname "Spice Island". what's not to love about Grenada..I went there last year and was quite taken by the island's charm. Most folks prefer places like Barbados but if you want a true Caribbean experience. Grenada is the place! Nutmeg is quite popular to bring back but so is vanilla essence, saffron, and cinnamon.
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    Spice Island Mall area

    yep, you really can't miss venturing down to the Spice Island Mall area while in Grenada. there's always a handful of vendors selling spices, homemade food, etc. Another spot worth going for eating out is the Dodgy Dock (at the True Blue Bay resort)..they sell nice conch fritters.
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    I think I can smell the breezes now. Or maybe that's the leftovers from dinner. I've heard that conch fritters are pretty great, but I haven't had the chance to try them. It's not very easy to find conch in Michigan. The Grenada dining scene sounds pretty great.
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    I can smell the aroma of the spices wafting through the computer! It's always an adventure trying new dishes in different places. I sampled conch fritters several years ago at a restaurant in Florida. Quite good. I'd recommend giving them a try when going out for a meal in Grenada.

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