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    Dubai is an exciting city with all the finery of a metropolis complete with towering skyscrapers, multi level shopping malls, wide selection of international brands, long lanes of colorful windows lined with yellow Gold and other landmark attractions.

    Being adventurous, there was much to experience beyond indoor activities like the famous ski slopes at the Mall of Emirates and outdoor ones like the camel rides, the ultimate desert dune rides…

    …A chance to be a F1 racing driver for a day at the Dubai Autodrome circuits.

    You could actually rev up in a 2000cc, single seater, 180 horse power dream car modeled on the F1 racing machine. Race ahead at 100km/h in 3.9 seconds in the F1 twin or opt for an Audi SS a 354 BHP instead.

    Enjoy the Quattro 4 wheel drive equipped with a roaring V8 engine to raise adrenalin levels. This holiday experience comes for just Dhs 875 for the Formula Dubai cars or Dhs 995 for the Audi SS.

    …A skydiver from 12,000 feet feeling the full force of gravity while you marvel at how birds manage to stay up there for so long.

    In a tandem sky dive, divers are accompanied with an instructor all the way down to the drop zone making to make you feel secure and safe.

    This is also a great way to see the famous skyscrapers of Dubai – from a bird's eye view. The Umm-Al-Quwain Aeroclub offers freefall jumps and tandem skydiving for around Dhs 4,900 each depending on your choice of height.

    … A sky explorer on a magic carpet ride taking the Air Balloon Ride. Leave it to your guide to skillfully navigate you in the unending skies as you gaze upon the moonlike rugged landscape with the red dunes against the breathtaking backdrop of the Dubai skyline.

    You can float for an entire hour with cool desert breeze in your face knowing that the entire ride will make you lighter by just about 250 Dirhams.

    … A deep sea diver as you scuba dive in the 250 C (77°F) waters, recommended all year round (except July and August when the heat could really get to you).

    Stare at graceful sea creatures ranging from sea horses and eels to the octopuses and turtles up close or be stunned by the myriad colors from soft corral formations, so bright the colors resemble rainbows in the sea.

    But most of these visions are better enjoyed if you go further into the sea. For this, prepare yourself for an entire day's ride trip.

    Well there is one thing you need to keep in mind while you work out your travel budgets in Dubai. To get the most thrills and gain your adrenalin rush, check into a good budget Dubai hotel.

    It need not be tucked away far from where all the action is. Simply find yourself a central Dubai city hotel that leaves room in your wallet for more exciting experiences in Dubai.
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    It's really amazing how much fun you can have in Dubai. As you can see from the list above, there are a ton of cool things to do in Dubai...This will keep you active and make some cool memories along the way. Who would have expected to go skiing in Dubai? It is a desert after all.
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    Skydiving is the best so far! ;-)

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