Spring break in Siófok ?

Discussion in 'Hungary' started by sasko333, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Ok we are planning to go on spring break in Siófok near of lake Balaton. So my question is: Is Siófok good place for party, and how its about prices of food and drinks.. some good ideas please about going to night clubs(is there any fee entrance) and of course daily beach parties if there is any in the midlle of the year. I would be most gratefull if you also have some good tips for us.

    Thx for answers.
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    party season in Siófok

    The party season usually begins by the start of the summer break at schools and the end of the spring term at universities which is the end of June, early July. The last party events are on the final weekend before the start of school.

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    clubs in Siófok

    the town of Siófok is such a cool place and you can go to Surfbeach at Lake Balaton to do a bit of kiteboarding or windsurfing. The clubs in Siófok are open during the summer months...Club La Siesta and Flört The Club are two of the most popular ones.

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