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Discussion in 'Sri Lanka' started by opiu90, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. opiu90

    opiu90 New Member

    Is there any one out there who can honestly tell me about the safety situation of a trip to Sri Lanka? We are thinking 1 weeks over there..whats accommodation prices like? please help!
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    If you read the news and papers you'd think that Sri Lanka is no-go zone..but I spent a week last year in Sri Lanka, and I had a fantastic time.

    Safety-wise, we did not have any problems, but like anywhere you just need to be cautious of where you go. The Sri Lankans are very respectful to the tourists so, I suggest traveling with a tourist group with a knowledgeable guide.

    I think for seven nights in an all-inclusive Sri Lanka hotel we paid just over $1000, so accommodation prices are unbelievable, and I imagine it's still that cheap.
  3. lisatravel

    lisatravel New Member

    Sri Lanka is pretty safe at the moment. You can visit to many places without any trouble at all.

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