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Discussion in 'St. Lucia' started by mitraveler, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. mitraveler

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    A mix of the old world and the new, St. Lucia has a similar food scene to many Caribbean islands. There's a lot of fresh seafood, fresh fruit, and spices used in their recipes. You can also find world fare at the resorts throughout St. Lucia, too. What's your favorite part of the St. Lucia dining scene?
  2. Pauseover

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    Most of the hotels in St Lucia have very good restaurants. If you like jerk chicken, jerk fish, etc I'd also check out the old courthouse, which is a bar-restaurant on the waterfront in Soufrière; and bang between the pitons, which is adjacent to the Jalousie Hilton.
  3. 3isagoal

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    I think from most of Caribbean hotels food is lousy, though the good thing is drinks, which are always so pricey, especially in St Lucia. My recommendation while there is doing the Hotel Chocolat Tree to Bar tour , which costs about $70. The tour includes a lovely talk on how cocoa trees are grown and how to make a chocolate bar.
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    If you can, try to make your trip to St Lucia to coincide with the Food and Rum Festival (normally held in mid January). This festival attracts top chefs and rum connoisseurs alike.

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