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Discussion in 'St. Martin' started by hllower, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. hllower

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    hi guys,

    which one of St. Martin beaches are you allowed to sunbath totally nude? Has anyone being to a St.Martin nude beach before?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    Cupecoy Beach is one that offers the option to sunbath totally nude but if you wish to be nude, you can do so at the far western edge of the beach, which is of course the clothing optional area.

    Also, many travel guides state that Cupecoy beach is a gay beach, however, it is not officially a gay beach and all are welcome here. As with any beach in St Martin or anywhere, some couples may be gay and some may not be.
  3. The Travel Slut

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    Orient Beach is the well-known and totally nude beach on the French side of the island.

    The beach is well-defined and split between a family/clothing side and then a large sign delineates when you cross over to the nude-required side.

    Club Orient, a nude resort, is also adjacent and has a waterfront restaurant called Pappagayo's.

    I have been several times as evidenced in my groups.
  4. josurf

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    You must have heard of Orient Beach! I've been there twice in the past 3 years for day visits while on cruises and am returning in November for an 8 day stay.

    Our first visit there was also our first nude in public experience, and we just loved it. Very comfortable, liberating, friendly and "natural", we got used to it in minutes.

    The next year we spent a week at a resort in Jamaica on the clothing optional side and loved that as well though the beach was far nicer in St Martin and only the beach section was nude at the Grand Lido in Jamaica.

    When we were there a year ago the best of Orient Beach was topless with a small nude section on the opposite end. But one could walk the entire beach nude.

    My understanding is that the rules have changed recently for the rest of the beach, though early morning nude beach walks are still common and there is little chance of being cited (whatever that entails!). Hard for me to imagine that there is much enforcement but then again I would have never expected this place, on the French side, to make any rules regarding nudity on any of their gorgeous beaches.

    Maybe we'll see you on the beach in November! I'm looking forward to an entire clothes-free week at this beautiful place.


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