St Patrick’s Day Parade Scranton

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania' started by wanderer, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    Scranton, yes that city from "The Office" is a great place to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. After Mass at 10 a.m., it's time for the parade to kick off, on March 17 of course. The parade features excellent music, high-stepping, dancing and lots of team spirit. The St. Patrick's Day Parade has been a tradition since 1962.
  2. Sarakenko

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    living in Scranton

    after living in Northeast Pennsylvania for decades, not only would I avoid the Scranton parade, I also avoid the town in general. No one would want to live in Scranton, if they could afford to live somewhere else. By the way, this isn't just a Northeast Pennsylvania thing, the same goes for any city in the States lately...the standard of living has been greatly reduced in the cities, which is really shameful.

  3. enemygates

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    drinking celebration

    Scranton parade is nice and we always have a good time watching the parade and eating the parade junk food. There is little to no violence until the parade is then the people that have been drinking all day start to feel the drunkenness effect and becoming disorderly (i.e. urinating on the streets, etc) . Then again, what can you expect from a drinking celebration...drinking for that many hours certainly will turn anyone into rather ugly drunks.

  4. Prendomino

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    Scranton parade is a big drunkfest

    Scranton parade is definitely a parade for adults and not the family. Don't get me wrong the parade itself is fine, but the reason this parade is so popular is because its a big drunkfest similar to Mardi Gras. The bars open early in the morning and sell ridiculously cheap beer to the masses, which isn't surprising why the parade gets such a bad rap
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    st patrick’s day in Dublin

    don't think scranton parade is a very good place to attend a st patrick's parade. Scranton hosts one of the biggest parades but it doesn't compare to Savannah's Boston's or NYC's. If you the real deal, go to Ireland for the st patrick's day. Any Irish city will do (Cork, Belfast, Limerick), but if you’re in Ireland best you go to Dublin.

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