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    It makes perfect sense to arrive at this island by boat. A cruise ship terminal is located in the capital of Kingstown, and two small ports are located in Bequia and Mayreau. St. Vincent cruises travel from all over the Caribbean. Do you have a favorite?
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    St. Vincent best of Caribbean

    I had the pleasure to spend 2 weeks in St is indeed a great place with nice scenery, friendly people, black and white sandy beaches, quite a large cultural mix, and tropical climate. There are also the Grenadines Islands that you must visit when you're there.
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    beach vacation in St. Vincent

    I'd definitely recommend traveling or adding St Vincent on any cruise itinerary. It's a beautiful island where you can do cool activities like kayaking on the open sea, snorkeling, and cave exploring. If you do plan to visit St Vincent, be sure to stay at the Beachcomber Hotel. this place is cheap and it's right on a lovely beach which has its own sunbeds.

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