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Discussion in 'United Arab Emirates' started by itlokgreat, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. itlokgreat

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    This is probably going to sound like a stupid question but my girlfriend and I are going to be staying in dubai for 2 nights and we will be sharing a hotel room/bed. Is this allowable in Dubai as we are not married?

    I read something about a female dive instructor falling asleep at a man's house who she wasn't related/married to and they were both arrested for this and didn't want this happening to me...
  2. Jenna

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    Don't worry about this it's not really like that in Dubai where you will be detained for not being married. The hotels in Dubai will not even ask if you are married or not. Dubai is really relaxed, though other parts of the Emirates such as Sharjah aren't which is where this could happen.

    Having said this, do take care how you behave in public in Dubai as any act that demonstrates affection such as kissing, hugging or walking hand in hand is a crime though.
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    For cheap and cheerful, EasyHotel, Holiday Inn, Novotel, Minc Apartments etc all offer good prices for budget.

    When are you coming as this can affect prices too? Middle of summer is usually cheaper as no one wants to come to 50 degrees of heat!
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    Every year many tourist came to Dubai and the number still increasing. That is true that Dubai law is very strict but they only punished a person who found doing something unlawful. Every country has their own rules and rituals and If we are in the country we must have to follow the rules. You don't need to worry about if you are planning to visit Dubai. You can enjoy your journey.

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