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Discussion in 'Nevada' started by sucrets, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. sucrets

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    Hello everyone, some of my friends from Europe are coming to Las Vegas for the first week of May and I am planning to join them for 3-4 days. They will be staying at Ceasar's Palace and was wondering if you could make any suggestions of other hotels to stay at that are located close by but at a lower price range.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. sucrets

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    Thanks for the reply d360.
    What do you think of the Imperial. I checked on the map and it looks like its right across the street from Ceasar's Palace. I found a deal on priceline for around $380 for flight + accomodation for 3 nights. That a pretty good deal isn't it? I don't have a point of reference as I haven't done much travelling in the USA. That's why I ask.

    Also, what is the weather like in Vegas during the beginning of may? Would I be able to sport a light sweater? Or is it going to be too hot for that?
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    Imperial is closer but I've never been big on it. I prefer the southside of the strip and the hotels nearby. As far as the weather expect 60night- 80 daytime. That would be nice conpared to seattle's right now.

    $380 from Europe sounds like a great deal. Write back I'd like to hear back if your friends stay at the Imperial. You seeing any shows while your in Vegas?
  5. sucrets

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    Actually, I live in Portland, OR now so I will be flying to Las Vegas from there. The $380 deal package includes airfaire from Portland to Las Vegas and a 3 night stay at the Imperial. Does that still sound like a good deal? Or do you think I can get something better?

    I will be the only one staying at the Imperial as they have already booked Ceasar's Palaca. If I manage to go (which I am hoping) I will be sure to let you know of what I think of the hotel. As far as shows are concerned I think the schedule as of now includes only the Blue Man Group, which I will miss unfortunately as I am flying in at a later date.

    I would however be glad to let you know of how the clubs/restaurants are that we will be visiting. I know we will be visiting the TAO as well as Rehab.

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