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Discussion in 'Australia' started by hamsadd, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. hamsadd

    hamsadd New Member

    my wife an I are looking for boat transport from Los Angeles to Sydney - both ports variable - in April 2009.
    Any ideas please?
  2. ftuley

    ftuley New Member

    By boat transport, I assume you mean ocean liner? There are a number of great ships going through Sydney on their travels.
    Cunards new Queen Victoria would be my pick, but depends on your budget.
    Looks like Cunard will be doing a 34 night Sydney to Los Angeles cruise on the Queen Elizabeth II starting February 25.
    Also Princess Cruises has one leaving April 14 for 31 days aboard the Sapphire Princess from Sydney to Los Angeles.
    Hope this helps. have a great time!

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  3. garrys

    garrys New Member

    I'm not sure that any ocean liner goes regularly from LA to Sydney. Occasionally ships do but they take at least a month and cost a lot of money as most of them are 5 star ships. Unfortunately if you want to come to Sydney the best way to do it is by plane.

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