Strip clubs vs Night clubs

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Nightlife and Afterhours' started by rainman1, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. rainman1

    rainman1 New Member

    For me as a guy, I prefer strip clubs because I cannot dance to save my life and in strip clubs guys rule the roost sort-of speak. Also, night clubs are always jam-packed so just to get in and be smashed in like a sardine doesn't sound like fun to me. Which one do you prefer to go to? strip clubs or night clubs or both?
  2. eternal9

    eternal9 New Member

    it's hard to really compare a nightclub to a strip club. Strip clubs are more of a single guy thing, whereas nightclubs are good for all people like friends: female/males. I'd agree that stripclubs are less busier but the atmosphere inside them is kinda odd..maybe it's just that way for women.
  3. noHope8

    noHope8 New Member

    Many nightclubs nowadays have a feel of strip club and viceversa. For instance, Seamless strip club is meant to be a strip club if you go there about 2am. Towards the morning, the place turns into a nightclub with the strip girls and dancers changing their clothes to nightclub dress.

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