Sturgis Motorcycle Rally-2015

Discussion in 'South Dakota' started by Vicolette, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Vicolette

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    Once again, the bikes cranked up for the Sturgis annual motorcycle rally that started back in 1938. Did anyone make it to South Dakota this year? If so, if you stayed at the campground, did it have everything needed for a comfortable stay?
  2. popthetrse

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    Sturgis Motorcycle Rally-2016

    I have been to Sturgis before and lodging can be hard to find. if you are inclined to camp out, the campground Glencoe is close to everything and a good bet. If not, you should try booking hotels now to secure rooms in places like Deadwood. Next year's event is in August so if you book now in advance you will find the best places at good prices.
  3. mitraveler

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    Just to update, the current festival is planned for August 8-14 (the 76th annual festival).

    Here are the upcoming dates after 2016:

    August 7-13, 2017
    August 6-12, 2018
    August 5-11, 2019
    August 3-9, 2020
    August 9-15, 2021
    August 8-14, 2022

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