Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

Discussion in 'India' started by Arshil, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Arshil

    Arshil New Member

    Hello everyone, I heard a lot about Alwar city that there are many beautiful and ethnic places to visit in alwar. I want to visit this place with my family. Can anyone tell me what are the best places to visit in alwar and accommodations also???
  2. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    How long are you planning to be there and when do you plan to travel? Alwar is better to visit between September and February as weather won't be as hot. As far as places, there are many historical sites to see like the Neemrana Fort Palace, Bhangarh and Alwar fortresses, and Sariska Palace and City Palace.
  3. Arshil

    Arshil New Member

    Thanks for your reply, Actuallly I am planning to visit Alwar from 23 to 26 january for four days. So please tell me everything according to that.
  4. findmystay

    findmystay New Member

    Alwar is really good city, so small city but historical city. and many more see this place like, Sariska palace, city place , karnimata mata temple...
  5. 6centers

    6centers New Member

    Are you traveling from India? If not, 3 days does not make any sense to travel there. I'd say at least 10 days minimum to make the trip worth it.

  6. Arshil

    Arshil New Member

    Thanks for your suggestions everyone. Actually I am coming from Delhi so I think 4 days are enough to visit Alwar.
  7. Mathew Pugh

    Mathew Pugh New Member

    There are lots of destinations in Alwar, like flying fox Neemrana, siliserh Lake, Bhangarh Fort, Sariska tiger reserve,Bala Quila, City Palace, Government Museum, Ajabgarh Fort,Naldeshwar Shrine, Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri, Garbhaji Falls, Moti Doongri and plenty of other places within Alwar.Best time to visit here is september to February. For accomodation u can rely on hotel AASHYANA ,Hotel Natraj etc .
  8. Sizzlerenderson

    Sizzlerenderson New Member

    I don't think that i can suggest you because i also don't know any thing about it
  9. Narayani Tours

    Narayani Tours New Member

    Absolutely right Alwar is one of the most beautiful & District of Rajasthan apart Alwar there are various places to enjoy !

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