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    hiya, I am planning a trip to Montana in the summer (around July time) and I was wondering what events are happening in the summer in Montana? any ideas?
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    Hi there,

    One of the biggest events in Montana during summer is the Montana State Fair. It is held in late July and/or early August and features carnival rides, food booths, big name music performers, and livestock contests, among other things.

    If you can't make it to the Montana State Fair in the summertime, you might look to catch one of the many warm weather music festivals that many cities around the state put on.

    In Helena, the Last Chance Bluegrass Festival takes place in late June, and Hamilton has its own Bluegrass festival in June as well. Both Missoula and Kalispell hold annual jazz festivals if you're more interested in jazz music.

    Then, you have the Evel Knieval Days Festival in Butte held on the last weekend in July.

    Hope this helps

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