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Discussion in 'Australia' started by Vicolette, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

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    When is the best time of year for surfing in Australia and where are the best locations? For those of you experienced in surfing, what tips and advice can you share with those just getting started who want to catch the perfect wave?
  2. jackbenny

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    The University of Western Australia is excellent. There are many surfing beaches in Perth A lot of surfies go to cottesloe and Scarborough and all along that coast line. there will be surfing lessons there. Also the Gold Coast is great for surfing
  3. Dastrips

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    best time to surf in Australia

    It depends what part of Australia you travel. if you plan to surf off the southern coast, near Anglesea, the best time is during the cold winter months (June-July). If you want to surf at Surfers Paradise, which is on the Gold Coast of Australia, then the best surfing is done between June and November.
  4. adventGerm

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    surfing in Bondi beach

    there's no cooler and better place to surf in Australia than on the world-famous Bondi Beach. Bondi beach has fantastic waves, pretty people, year-round sun and lots of surf schools. In fact, if you're looking to learn how to surf inn Australia, you wont find a more suitable place to go than Bondi;)
  5. victorbritts

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    Its totally depends on which area you are traveling to.For example if you want to go Sydney then best timing will be Dec to Feb.

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