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Discussion in 'El Salvador' started by smanthalocke, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. smanthalocke

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    hi guys,

    has anyone done surfing in El Salvador before and are the ways as good as Costa Rica's? Im looking for a surfing vacation first time and im looking for a place lesser known where I can practice my skills and learn. Is there any surfing schools in El Salvador?

  2. Ruby

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    El Salvador is a nice place if you want to give surfing a try for the first time, as it is not as popular as Costa Rica.

    Surfing lessons are a good way to improve your skills and learn new moves. They also include equipment so you don't have to worry bringing your own board.

    If you want to arrange surfing lessons in El Salvador, you can do so at the hotel you'll be staying and they'll be able to suggest the best surfing school.
  3. LCR10

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    Surfing in El Salvador is great for beginners. Best months to go are during the dry season Nov - April when the waves are calmer. Barra de Santiago is definitely a lesser known area with beautiful natural surroundings and a practically deserted beach. Have a great trip!

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