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Discussion in 'Seychelles' started by yepeye, Oct 12, 2009.

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    hi guys,

    We want to travel to Seychelles to catch some waves. When is the best time for surfing in Seychelles and where are the best places for surfing in Seychelles?

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    hi there,

    May through September is the best time to enjoy surfing in Seychelles, though it really comes down to which beach you're hitting. The beaches of Seychelles are found on all sides of the islands, so while conditions might be ideal May through September on one end, November through April might be better on another.

    The best places to go surfing in Seychelles are Mahe and Praslin islands, as these two islands offer car rental where you can rent a car, or van if you need and head out on your own to any of Seychelles beaches.

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