Swan Island

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    Delve into history and wildlife at Swan Island, situated in the Kennebec River, near Richmond. the island is rich in cultural artifacts and is also home to the Steve Powell Wildlife Management Area, a game preseve for migrating waterfowl and resident white-tail deer. Swan is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Once used by Native American tribes, the island may have been visited by sich notables. Remnants of the 18th-century town are still visible. The four-mile long island has nature trails and primitive camp sites. It's accessible by boat, but reservations necessary both to visit and to camp.
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    The Swan’s Island in the coast of Maine near Bar Harbor on the Mount Desert Island is a must see place in Maine. There are no stores, liquor shops or any amusements or amenities in the Island. There are plenty of points of interest in the Island that I have been to, including Swan’s Island Library, Seaside Hall Museum, Swan’s Island Lobster & Marine Museum, Fine Sand Beach, Quarry pond and the lovely Hockamock Head Lighthouse and Burnt Coat Harbor. The accommodation choices are more with motel and B& B’s and House rentals. I selected B& B that worked out really well within my budget.
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    i don't think i'll have time to visit swan island
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    I tried to visit twice last summer, but just could not hook up with ferry schedule times. This is really a full-day excursion.

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