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Discussion in 'Sweden' started by willmauer, May 5, 2007.

  1. willmauer

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    Is anyone going to the Sweden Rock Festival this summer in Solvesborg next month? I am and am getting totally pumped! Thusday Thin Lizzy plays! I haven't seen them in years but last time I saw them they ripped it up! This will be my first time to Sweden and I'm totally looking forward to it. THe only thing I'm worried about is I've heard the nordic area is really expensive. Anything else i should know?
  2. joe

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    Hey Will, I'd love to see that show with ya, but getting to Sweden right now is a little out of my budget. Hope Thin Lizzy shreds!

    And yeah, I've heard it's expensive too. Try to set a spending limit and be tough on yourself to ahere to it. And maybe don't expect to eat at many (if any) of the more pricey restaurants. Stick to the cafes and bars.
  3. Sven

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    The best way to eat as cheap as possible in sweden is to have a larger meal at lunchtime, and then just get a snack in a bar in the evening. Most places have much better prices at lunchtime on weekdays.

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