Sydney:The best place in Australia

Discussion in 'Australia' started by johnakmm, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. johnakmm

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    There is no place in the world like Sydney.Sydney has a seductive outdoor lifestyle, exciting events and great natural beauty. This cosmopolitan city is surrounded by the iconic beaches, World Heritage areas, lush hinterland and acclaimed wine regions of the State of New South Wales.Sydney is a global city in the world of business and the State of New South Wales (NSW) is first for business in Australia.So enjoy......
  2. travellerboats

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    Do you want to explore Australia and wander through its water bodies...?
    Thats a great place to spend your vacation. Sydney is a collection of numerous tourist attractions and a place to roam about in.
    Just start your tour by renting or purchasing a boat thats comfortable as well as reliable...
  3. Tre4

    Tre4 New Member

    I spent 6 months in Sydney, absolutely loved. Stayed in Bondi, Bronte and Manly. Spent Christmas Day on a boat touring the northern beaches :)
  4. CFarrow

    CFarrow New Member

    I used to live in Sydney and there are parts of it that I really do miss. Sydney Harbour has always been my favourite - day or night. I used to love sitting on the floating water-taxi wharves and move with the waves whilst looking out across the harbour at the Bridge and Opera House.

    Sometimes there'd be a cruise liner docked which you could get within a few metres of. The size of those things always amazes me.

    Walking the coastal walk which links all of the famous Eastern Suburbs beaches is great too.
  5. travelchic

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    Just wanna give a yell out... Sydney will host the rugby world cup this year and I think it'll be awesome. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  6. d360

    d360 Administrator

    Congrads! on winning this...Sydney would be a sweet place to visit and watch the world cup.
  7. garrys

    garrys New Member

    I agree with you all. Sydney is the best place in Australia. If your traveling from overseas and your used to the big cities then Sydney is the only place in Australia where you will feel at home, except for Melbourne as it's meant to become the biggest city in Australia in a few decades.

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