Syria - with a 70 year old and a 1 year old?

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    I'd like to help a guest who wants to visit Syria who says: Quoting

    "My husband and I are thinking of taking his mum to Syria for a holiday next April/May - she is a Muslim and is very keen to see the mosques in Damascas and Aleppo. She is 70 and not very mobile, she can walk a little but pretty slowly. We also have a baby, who will be just over a year old then.

    Our idea is to get a tailor-made trip with a private driver, and the itinerary we are thinking of is Damascus - Palmyra - Krak de Chevaliers - Hama - Aleppo. We are happy to pay a bit extra to stay in good hotels.

    Is this a practical plan? How hard will it be? Any tips on travelling with a child in Syria, or on good quality hotels that would be suitable for our group?"

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    Hi there,

    Your itinerary sounds amazing but involves a lot of walking around which could prove exhausting for the elderly lady. So a wheelchair might be useful when walking around the places.

    I would suggest renting a car for the most part for getting around in Syria as this would be the most convient way as you are travelling with a little baby as well.

    They are plenty of good quality hotels in Syria although be aware you are travelling in high season.

    The Beit Al Joury is a five star hotel situated 20 minnutes from Damascus airport and it is recomended for tourists and families and will set you $118 per person

    Hope this helps

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