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Discussion in 'Panama' started by shellyb, Jul 18, 2008.

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    hi all, now my friend is in Panama city and wondering the ferry trip to Taboga Island, can anyone give him an idea to plan his trip from Panama city to Taboga Island including some info. on hotel in Taboga Island... thanks for any help.
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    There are lot of hotels available in Taboga Island to choose from. The hotel Vereda Tropical, the hotel chu and the Cerrito Tropical hotel are some the best hotels in this island. However you can have a look at Taboga Island hotels page for more information.

    Weekend ferry trip from Panama city to Taboga Island may be crowded, so make sure you book the tickets before. Also you have to buy the ticket for using the beach and facilities of the Taboga Beach Resort. It's a nominal fee and include lunch and use of the bathrooms and changing rooms. There is a a facility to stay overnight at the hotel if they are interested.

    The pleasant ferry trip takes 50 minutes with the lovely view of ship activities at the Panama Canal entrance. The Taboga Island offers many attractions and activities including diving, snorkeling and bird watching. So every visitor of this island get precious experience and unforgettable memories! Hope your friend too!
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    Hi, trip from Panama city to Taboga Island or vice versa is worth the trip. We took a taxi from Panama City to ferry terminal and reached Taboga by ferry within 1 hour that is around 10.30AM. We ate fish for lunch and relaxed in the beach.
    Taboga is a small island but has many beaches. We have visited the church of San Pedro, a small museum and a beautiful garden of Taboga. And some of the activities you can enjoy in this island are snorkeling, diving and bird watching. Also you make sure to take a good pair of walking shoes when you go to Taboga, it's a nice place to go for long walk. During our trip the weather was pretty dry, so really we did our vacation very well. Just visit When To Go page for more info. on weather and other details. Lodging is available on at the Cerrito Tropical, the hotel Vereda Tropical and the Cool hostel. We have stayed in the hotel Vereda tropical and it was nice and offered more fun, you too have fun at Taboga!

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