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Discussion in 'Napa Valley' started by gps90, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. gps90

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    hi, I want to take my girlfriend to SoCal for a 3 three day trip and i'd like to take her to San Fran, Yosemite, LA and Napa for some wine tasting. I wont be using a car so I am wondering if it's feasible? is it better to visit Napa as a day trip from San Fran? What are your thoughts?
  2. damonSoau

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    how come you aren't taking a car? Driving will make easier to visit San Francisco, Yosemite, LA and Napa. As far as Napa, it's nice but it can be a little overrated and expensive if you're only visiting for wine tasting. Personally, I wouldn't bother if your budget is tight..you can wine taste in San Francisco and there's plenty of budget restaurants there.
  3. suppacaffeine

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    you'll def need a car or will have to look into booking a tour or limo to get you out to the wineries and experience the beautiful napa valley. Either way, if you aren't driving or don't want to spend too much it's best to take a tour bus. There are a few companies that offer group tours with pick up in San Francisco, or some private tour companies that pick up in the city.
  4. kolop0

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    California is beautiful

    I did a 10 day tour not long ago of Northern California and had such a wonderful time with my wife who was also blown away by the natural beauty of the region, particularly of Yosemite and the California Coast. I would suggest starting your trip in San Francisco and then move on to Napa, Yosemite and finish in LA. Oh by the wa, do spend a good time in SF because it's amazing and cool specially when descending the hills on the Powell-Hyde cable car.

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