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Discussion in 'Florida' started by willbeP, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. willbeP

    willbeP New Member

    ok so im taking the greyhound bus to gulfport fl from mississippi and i have a couple questions:

    1) is there a luggage limit?

    2. how on earth would i shower? i mean, it's gonna be a 2 day trip!!..
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    As far as I know, adults are allowed to check two pieces of baggage free of charge and two carry-on bags, though the carry one bags must be able to fit underneath the seat or in the overhead compartment.

    The checked baggage has to be less than 50 lbs. in weight and less than 62 inches in size or you'll get charged extra (around $40 more).

    As for the shower situation, forget it. you won't get a chance of the shower treatment so, you might as well get used to the idea of a sticking bus!=)
  3. welington

    welington New Member

    traveling tips

    This is pretty basic, but there's always baby wipes and extra deodorant. They have toothbrushes that don't need water now too.

    I haven't taken Greyhound before, but now that gas is so high, I'm thinking about taking it to get home at Christmas. How is it?


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