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Discussion in 'Idaho' started by vdg23, Aug 12, 2008.

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    hi, last summer we went to Hawaii and this winter we are planning to go to Tamarack resort, Idaho.And looking for vacation rentals and info. on mountain biking.we are 6 and 3 of them would like to try mountain biking here. is it safe? or please suggest some other interesting activity in Tamarack resort, thanks for your help.
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    Few years back, i have visited my friend who was living at Boise (now he moved to Perth) and got a chance to visit Donnelly and Tamarack resort. We spent few hours at Donnelly and headed to Tamarack resort and reached there at 1pm. First we had lunch and looking around for a place to stay. We found one of the
    vacation rentals through Mccall and the cottage was very close to shops, restaurants and other activities. we have visited Tamarack resort during summer, so we enjoyed hiking, biking, golf, etc.,

    The mountain biking is one of the popular things to do at Tamarack resort and during summer season, this place becomes a biking paradise. The lower trail system offers everything from smooth to technical skills, so it's safe to drive. Whatever your friend's interest and skill level, this Tamarack resort is a safe place for all types of adventures. And the Tamarack summit trail and west mountain trail are the best options to try. Some of the other interesting activities are hiking, zipline and rafting&fishing. We have experienced the zipline tour and it was the most thrilling experience I never had before. The bird’s eye view of the surrounding mountains, meadows, lakes and forest were amazing and wonderful! you can try this as well. Have more fun and enjoy your trip:)

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