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    When traveling to Curacao note that taxi companies do not typically advertise their rates anywhere. Don't be surprised when you won't see taxi rates published anywhere and the fact that they're not metered. To give you an idea of rates, a typical taxi fare between the cruise ship pier to Kima Kalki Marina in Spanish Waters will cost around $60.
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    Taxis aren't the only option. Once you arrive at Curacao International Airport, there'll also be minivans standing in wait 24 hours a day. By the way, taxis are located at the plaza on the right hand side of the arrival hall exit.
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    Aside from taxis, there are smaller buses available around the island of Curacao which are really cheap (about $1) compared to the overprice taxis. Once you land there, I suggest you pick one of the free schedules from a tourist info stand.

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