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    Time to make a glass of tea---Sri Lanka once by the name of Ceylon, a name that is still appearing on tea bags readily available at the grocery store. In Sri Lanka, there are seas of green that are tea plants. Many of the old tea plantations have been transformed into luxury resorts, and you can still take tours of the tea operations.
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    visit the tea factories

    I had the chance to visit Sri Lanka last year and the tea plantations were really beautiful...the country is so underrated as a travel destination, and best of all it is cheap. I recommend renting a car and driving through the twisting roads of the Nuwara Eliya tea estate. there's a tea factory within the estate that allows to go in to see the tea-making process.
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    best tea plantations in sri lanka

    best you visit on a tea tour if it's your first time. otherwise, you can visit the tea plantations in the Hantana/Uda-Peradeniya area or the tea planations (i.e Handunugoda Tea Estate) near Galle, which specializes in Virgin White tea. this last one is not a stunning as some of the tea hill stations in sri lanka but it's very touristy. you'll be able to do guided tours and visit the small factory for tea tastings.
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    Sri Lanka is the world's 3rd largest tea producer

    if you're visiting Sri Lanka you cannot going to a tea plantation and see how tea is made the old fashioned way...seeing the entire tea process from fresh green leaves to end product is quite fascinating. One of the most famous white tea plantation in Sri is Handunugoda but there are many more you can visit on a tour. it's surprising to learn that Sri Lanka produces much of the tea that's consumed in the world.
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    "Many of the old tea plantations have been transformed into luxury resorts" I don't agree with you. As far as i know only tea factory hotel had been a building used for processing tea. Tea is the main foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka.
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    Google for Nuwata Eliya. Most of the tea plantations related hotels are in Nuwera Eliya

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