Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by wanderer, Aug 4, 2012.

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    While I was looking up gemstones in Thailand, I found this wonderful location. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is located at Bangkok's Grand Palace, once home to the kings of Siam. The much-prized sacred statue was carved from a single piece of jade and is dressed with gold clothing. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is one of Thailand's most sacred shrines.
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    for me, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha was the highlight in Bangkok, and best of all, it's not as overcrowded as The Grand Palace. When you're there I suggest you take your time there...take of your shoes, sit down inside the temple, close your eyes and relax!
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    best temples in Thailand

    I second taking your time in the temple. the Emerald Buddha is gorgeous from the outside and its decor so intricate. However, what's strange is that the actual statue is made of jade and not emeralds. Still, the Emerald Buddha temple is located within the Grand Palace complex and it's a short drive from the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.
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    It is nice to linger and soak in the amazing culture that you can't find just anywhere. It does seem strange that they call it the Emerald Buddha even though it's made out of jade. They're both green, but jade can be a little lighter. The gold the statue wears really brings out the amazing color of the stone.
  5. I was not as lucky as you. I've visited the Temple twice and everytime it was pretty much crowded. That I wouldn't mind that much, but tourists with their phones on... That was (in my opinion) absolutely disrespectful. Still I have to admit that the statue of Emerald Buddha is very impressive.
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    Most tourists love to explore the Emerald Buddha not only because it is historic, but mainly because it was very impressive in every way. It is considered as the palladium of the Kingdom of Thailand. You will definitely amaze how they actually did every detail of it. Aside from that there are some of the best historic temple in Thailand that you will surely like to visit and here are some The Best Historic Sites You Should Visit in Bangkok
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    Crowds are so hard to predict. It depends on the season, the day, the time, and sometimes a bus of folks will pull up right when you're ready to look around. And sometimes the place seems really quiet. Since I'm interested in gemstones, is there a place to buy gemstones by the Emerald Buddha?
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