Temple of Zeus

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    Two temples dedicated to Zeus, the chief god of the Pantheon, are still still standing in Greece. One is located in Athens, the other at Olympia. In Athens, the temple stands close to the Acropolis and the parliament building. If you want to head to Olympia, you could book one of the tours that includes transportation or you could rent a car and make the side trip.

    Have you had a chance to see the Temple of Zeus?
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    Temple of Zeus Greece

    I got to see it and I would rate it 5 out 5..it does live up to its hype and seeing these amazing columns up close is unbelievable. You cannot travel all the way to Greece and not go inside this mystical and magical place! Btw, there are also some ancient ruins of roman baths just inside the entrance gate that you can view...in all, it costs about 12 eur (~$15) to get in.
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    Zeus vs Acropolis

    Im traveling to Greece this October and the temple of Zeus is one of the places I wanted to see. however, i read somewhere that you can see it pretty much from the outside gates...so no need to pay admin fee? can someone confirm this? Also, does the Acropolis have better ruins than the temple of Zeus?

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