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Discussion in 'South Africa' started by some-some, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Hello, I hope someone can help. I live in the UK and my south african passport has expired, and renewing a new one it's going to take at least 4 months by the looks of it. Waiting isn't a problem if it wasnt for the fact that I booked plane seats already to south africa. With a expired passport I wont be allowed back in the UK (so Im told by the UK Border agency) unless I get a temporary one. Anyone knows who can get issued a temporary South African passport?
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    renew you SA passport in Durban

    I have two questions: Are you a dual citizen and have you got the right to remain indefinitely in the UK? If so, I am certain that the South African High Commission in London should be able to issue you a temporary passport if you have to dual citizenship. Other than that, if your passport is expiring while in South Africa, you could always renew you SA passport at Department of Home affairs in Durban (it only takes 7 days).
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    South Africans to return to the UK

    Sorry to burst your bubbles people but this is old news! The current regulation in the UK means that the UK authorities will not allow South Africans to return to the UK on a temporary visa. I was told this when I was at the high commission early in July. Check with them, because i dont think this has changed still.
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    Re: South Africans to return to the UK

    I can verify what the last poster has said...a couple of years back, as a south african, you could enter the uk on a temporary south african passport but the uk goverment has changed all of this early last year. Their "excuse" was for 'security reasons', which sounds like a load of BS if you ask me. Best to contact the South African embassy in London an see if they advise.

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