Tensing Pen Hotel Virtual Tour

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  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Want to go on a vacation to Jamaica without paying a dime? Check out the virtual tour of this Negril Jamaica hotel, the Tensing Pen Hotel. The skies are blue, the palm trees are swaying in the breeze, and the water looks totally refreshing. If you want to check out the tour, it's at http://www.fullscreen360.com/negril-jamaica
  2. niceboyfloyd

    niceboyfloyd New Member

    you had me there wanderer..for a second i thought you guys at D360 were giving away a free trip to Jamaica (lol). Oh well, the virtual tour is sure beautiful! I've never been to Jamaica but have heard good stuff about the place;)
  3. comandoJon

    comandoJon New Member

    I have spent a week at Tensing Pen and I have to say that the beautiful grounds around it and cliffs views are amazing. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful vacation in paradise, this is the place. Btw, the virtual tour is superb..whoever made that did a great job at capturing the place;)
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Aww...that would have been nice. That's why "virtual" was in the title. That's how I travel to lots of places too! But then again, being there would be nice. Especially since it's 30 degrees in APRIL where I am now!

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