Tensing Pen Jamaica

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    Boasting an amazing location on the breathtaking and secluded cliffs of Negril's, the Tensing Pen Jamaica is where tourists come to getaway from it all. You won't find TV's or radios in the rooms at Tensing Pen and you'll be welcomed by the lovely sounds of the ocean waves crashing into the cliffs.

    By the way, just a few steps away from the Tensing Pen Jamaica it's the famous Rick's Café where popular cliff jumping takes place.
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    I have stayed at The Rockhouse, The Caves and Tensing Pen and all are nice spots but if you want an all inclusive then, The Caves is the one. Tensing Pen doesn't do all inclusive but it's really a nice quite spot (a bit too quite for my liking). Both the Rockhouse and the Caves rock (no pun intended!)...they offer plenty of action by the sea.
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    The thing to remember about Tensing Pen is that it's on the cliffs so there's no beach action. For that, you need to get on a taxi and head to nearest beach to Tensing Pen (10 mins away). The reason Tensing Pen is so quite is because it's 3 miles from any action and it's on the cliffs, which by the way offer fabulous views.

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