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Discussion in 'Texas' started by Vee, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Vee

    Vee New Member

    Where are the best beaches in Texas? I've heard Galveston has the best along the Gulf Coast. Are there any neighboring cities near Galveston that are equally as nice?
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  2. Goldenbridge

    Goldenbridge New Member

    South padre Island

    yes, SPI...South Padre Island is the best beach in Texas, though the further south you go the better Texas beaches tend to be. Saying this, dont expect the beaches in Texas to be anything like the ones in SoCal or Key West (i.e. no white sand)
  3. skyscrper

    skyscrper New Member

    Texas beaches are less crowded

    Port Aransas and Mustang Island are nice beaches in Texas but like the other poster said dont expect anything fancy! Still, the one thing you have to love about the Texas beaches though is that they are much less crowded than other Gulf beaches.
  4. lttleOnes

    lttleOnes New Member

    Roger that! If you want a nice beach to go to in Texas best to head to Port Aransas. It's way better than Corpus Christi beaches and closer than South Padre Island.
  5. welcomeprofes

    welcomeprofes New Member

    If you're into surfing...

    my personal favorite is Galveston because of its beaches and its location to Houston, which means you can do lots more than just laying on the beach. If you're into surfing though, the best waves are found at Corpus Christi and South Padre Island beaches.
  6. gerryw80

    gerryw80 New Member

    You could go to Rockport Beach if you want a good swim:)

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