Thai Airlines adds direct flight from L.A. to Seoull

Discussion in 'Flights' started by wanderer, Apr 30, 2012.

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    There's a new offering for those flying from the West Coast to Seoul. Beginning May 1st, the flight will be offered four days a week by Thai Airways (Tuesday, Thursday, and weekends). The flight takes place aboard a 777-200ER, with 30 business class seats and 262 coach seats. Korean-speaking flight attendants will be available on each flight.

    Right now, there's a special deal of $100 flight for stopovers for those who want to add on a flight to Hong Kong, Phuket or Taipei to their trip to Seoul.
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    los angeles to seoul thai airways flight

    it's good to hear you know how much flights will cost? On a nonstop flight to Seoul from San Francisco I paid around $800 roundtrip including tax, when I went there last spring. By the way, spring is the best times to visit Seoul as the weather is pleasantly warm.
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    I love plesant spring weather! It is the best time of year!

    I did see a cost. It was either $1100 or $1000, so a bit more than flying from San Francisco.

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