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Discussion in 'Thailand' started by querazer, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. querazer

    querazer New Member

    is it true you can get beer in Thailand for just $1?..what are other costs likely to be rent, food, etc?
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    Thailand isn't as cheap as it once was, though still cheap enough than in most parts of the world. I remmeber the days of cheap beer for $1 a pop, but a beer is no longer anywhere near $1, so expect to pay $2 - 8 dollars.

    When it comes to accommodation, a single room even in the cheapest parts of Thailand is going to cost you upwards of $80.

    On beach areas you can rent a dirty bamboo hut for around $90 a month, but anything more decent is going to cost at least $150 a month.

    Thai street food is indeed around $1 dollar a dish, but if you can't talk Thai, you can forget getting really cheap prices so, expect to pay double on pretty much everything.
  3. xolanikwasi

    xolanikwasi New Member

    This threads comes in handy...I will visit thailand soon and i am very excited about it .
  4. TheWorldSolo

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    You can live very confortably in Thailand for 60$ (dollar) per day. I had great meals, good room and local transportation for that price.

    If you are willing to travel in a none luxury style then it will be very unexpensive!

    I love Thailand, I hope you will to
  5. TBH Thailand

    TBH Thailand New Member

    I have to agree. You can have a fab time in Thailand at more or less 80$ per day which should include both your accommodation, food and a few beers. The nice thing about Thailand is that, here you can make it what you want it to be. You can make it cheap, moderate or expensive. All depends on how you live and how you travel.
  6. supercharget

    supercharget New Member

    Thailand living expenses for 2

    Renting an apartment will cost around $100 per month, and this will include a private toilet and bath, one bedroom and a living room. The space you actually get for your money is actually reasonable compared to other places. Also, you can easily spend less than $100 a month in food if purchasing in community markets and fish ports.

    As you can see, the living expenses for 2 people would be very cheap when splitting half way:)
  7. nathamag

    nathamag New Member

    It is not exactly correct because it depends on where you live and how you spend your money there. Some part of it is high in cost of living such as tourist cities like Phuket, Pathaya, Hadyai and so on.
  8. traveltipnets

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    I also want to know how much it costs?
  9. jeffreyty002

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    It is cheap in Thailand that's for sure but there are still cheapest countries compare to Thailand. Well, accommodation in Thailand is fairly cheap while you can also find cheap foods around though not all can be consider cheapest. I think if you are wise enough with every spending I'm pretty sure you will definitely live a decent life in Thailand. Anyway, I can still the country as one of the cheapest one in terms of doing some shopping.

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