the best North Shore beaches

Discussion in 'Hawaii' started by IronMann, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. IronMann

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    One of the best beaches on Oahu's North Shore is Sunset Beach and the main reason for this is because the sand there it's not rough on the feet like on the other beaches. Sunset Beach's sand is perfect for relaxing too as it's huge so you will have the entire beach almost to yourself when you go there.

    Any more North Shore beaches worth mentioning?
  2. Hjkop

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    The North Shore is nothing like I expected after staying in Waikiki. This part of Oahu is completely gorgeous, exotic and pleasant. I wished I spent more time here with a car going to even the more remote areas of North Shore.
  3. HikersBootz

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    North Shore is paradise

    Yes, Honolulu and Waikiki are okay but it's true that the magic lies away from these places in the North Shore. When i was there i saw turtles swimming in the bays plus I got to truly relax and enjoy my vacation there best!

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