The Blue Lagoon

Discussion in 'Iceland' started by Vicolette, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    Just close your eyes and imagine the warm geothermal waters and mineral rich mud soothing your body when you experience an in-water spa treatment at the Blue Lagoon. This is the ultimate experience in pampering when vacationing in Iceland.
  2. JMM2

    JMM2 New Member

    I rate the Blue Lagoon as the best spa experience in the world! The lagoon itself is gorgeous and the temperature is perfect, though the only thing i dont like as much is the price. Because it;s very touristy it is quite expensive, though overall it's worth it. I suggest anyone wanting to visit the Blue Lagoon to go in the off season. You will find less people during the day, on a week day, and enjoy the experience even better!
  3. josephhinds

    josephhinds New Member

    Iceland is the heaven on the earth. If you want to make your trip memorable then you need to visit Iceland one time in a life.
  4. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    I'd read about the spas and springs in Israel along the Dead Sea and thought how nice it would be to visit for a relaxing treatment but when I found out about Iceland, the lagoon moved to the top of my wish list!

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