the Finnish Northern Lights

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  1. tricksanddayt

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    hi guys,

    Has anyone seen the the Finnish Northern Lights before and what is it like? Also, when would you recommend traveling to Finland to see the Finnish Northern Lights?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    The Finnish Northern Lights are best viewed in the winter, when the sun barely rises and an almost complete darkness settles in.

    There are some unique Finland tours that include attempts at seeing the Finnish Northern Lights, and though you are never guaranteed to see them, your chances are pretty good up north.

    I would say, the opportunities to see the Northern Lights on a Finland vacation decrease in the summertime, which as opposed to winter, sees an unusual amount of daylight.

    In fact, come midsummer, 21 hours of daylight is the norm, so you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities long into the night when you enjoy Finland travel in the summer.
  3. Elle

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    Actually you cannot see much those lights summer time. But winter you can see those up from arctic circle, more minus degrees means more Northern Lights best is about -30 to see those.
  4. fitter4

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    seeing the Northern Lights

    You can see the northern lights in Iceland, Norway and in the other parts of the world. Finland is one of the most popular places to see the northern lights but you need to go to the Lapland region...basically, you just need to be away from as much artificial light as possible to get a good view.

    Btw, you can see them too in Canada in September, although the northern lights in Canada aren't as dramatic as Finland's you still get a nice glimpse.
  5. wanderer

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    I hear that the Northern Lights are very strong this year, so this might be the year to plan your trip. I think it's the sun has been more active lately, so we're seeing more northern lights.

    If you want an explanation of them and a cool picture, click on this D360 article. It's totally worth a click!

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