The Gravensteen Ghent fortress

Discussion in 'Belgium' started by 4guys, Jan 14, 2010.

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    Are visitors allowed to tour the Gravensteen Ghent fortress and what is there to see there? If so, are tours in other languages other than french?

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    Hi there,

    You can enjoy self-guided tours of Gravensteen Castle, and I would recommended that you get a view of the city from the tower, it is stunning!

    During the tour, you can also see a small museum here which features torture artifacts and a torture chamber which will give you an idea how brutal Medieval punishments could be. Also on display at the museum here are various weapons and armor suits.

    There are also informational paper guides in English that will help you understand what you are looking at when enjoying a tour of Gravensteen.

    Hope this helps
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    Going to Gent you absolutely need to see the Gravansteen !
    It is almost the cradle of what became the actual city of Gent, everything evolved around Gravensteen.

    One can get guiding in many languages
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    Gravensteen Ghent fortress

    yes, you can take a guided tour in french, english and german, though it doesn't matter since the beautiful architecture and the torture rooms are pretty self-explanatory. I remember walking around for hours without being rushed by a guide. Oh, the view from the top of the castle was extremely impressive so remember to carry a camera to take lots of pictures.

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