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    The amount of info that comes across my computer weekly in terms of news in the nihgtlife scene is enouhg to make my head spin sometimes...not only is the nightlife industry know to be assiduously (ooo 25 cent word baby!) dymanic in general, Las Vegas is one of the fastest changing nightlife landscapes in the country!

    So, I will sift through it ALL FOR YOU and report back on some of the more relevant changes that will/may alter the face of Sin City. You sooooo owe me!
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    The big news right now is the Playboy Club opening soon and THE BUNNY SEARCH THIS WEEK to fill those spanking new Roberto Cavalli designed uniforms out...

    This is the first time a Playboy Club has opened since...well A LONG TIME!

    The venue will be managed by N9NEgroup, the same company that brought you Rain, ghostbar, N9NE Steakhouse and the gorgeous pool scene at the Palms Hotel INVEGAS, and more recently the ghostbar at the W hotel in Dallas. N9NEgroup also happens to be where I first started moderating message boards about Vegas back 2002!

    The Playboy Club will open the first week of October (my birthday week!...coincidence or not?) atop the new Fantasy Tower at the Palms Las Vegas
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    So does that mean we'll be celebrating your birthday as well. I'll email my address on where to send the tixs. VE and PB Bunnies sound like a good time!
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    Um, yea...did you see pictures from my birthday bash last year??? Once the images work here, I will post a far as the bunnies go. I may as well drop one on ya right now..they flock to Vegas like...Tara Reid to an open bar...oo that was SO uncalled ya Tara! (live it up!)

    Bunny Dropping (linked to VegasEd!'s MySpace : must have account to view)
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    Beachers Rockhouse Bar Opens

    With Paris Hilton and Tiny KISS causing all kinds of hysteria and 6000-7000 attendees on the Strip, Jeff Beacher opened his new Rockhouse Bar, an extension of his Beachhouse variety show, located at the front of Imperial Palace (across from Caesars) yesterday (Aug 29).

    As part of the opening festivities, Beacher had planned on rolling himself in dough and dunking himself in a large tub of ketchup to become the world's largest "pig in a blanket"...that stunt has been pushed back to October, but keep an eye out for think that is bad? on...

    Back in 2003, he caused national attention and officially baptized himself into the Vegas culture (coming from NYC originally) by jumping into the fish tank at MGM Grand's Rainforest Café, a public stunt announcing his new arrival to town and the launch of his Beachhouse brand to town (which has been playing on and off at the Hard Rock since then). The stunt caused him to be banned from all MGM-Mirage hotels for life! It wouldn't have been such an eyesore if he wasn't such a LARGE man wearing ONLY a speedo..the man is mad I tell you....but certainly knows how to get media attention!.
    Love it!
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    The latest round of nightlife to open INVEGAS will include Triq, LAX, Roxy and Revolution.

    The first to open is the Ultra-Lounge-styled Revolution at the Mirage. Billed as "what the Beatles would do if they didn't do music" may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the new VIP-ish venue will certainly be a welcome addition to the Mirage makeover that has transpired over the past year or so.

    LAX and Roxy are the new venues at the Luxor and are managed by PMG, who have some experience managing Vegas venues with former and current successes such as PURE, Tangerine, Social House, PssyCatDolls Lounge, Coyote Ugly, and the former BiKiNi's. Speaking of BiKiNi's, the former site at the Rio is being transformed into the swankest bowling alley/club you will ever see, Lucky Strike....What PMG did for social dining with Social House, they will now do to recreational bowling. Look for LAX to open for NYE 2007, Roxy and Lucky Strike to follow with an early 2007 opening.

    Finally, Triq is the new magically delicious venue to open in the new Planet Hollywood Hotel (formerly Aladdin). The premise is to incorporate the magic of Steve Wyrick into a themed club. Sounds kinda cheesy at first, but wait!! The mind of Tony Verdugo is also a huge part of this new venue. If you don't know who Tony Verdugo is, have you ever heard of Drai's or Seven? Yes, one of the kings of After Hours will be involved to make sure the new venue doesn't disappear soon.

    Of course, with openings there are often closings, so if you haven't already said goodbye to Ra, Teatro, ICE or the aformentioned BiKiNi's, it's too late! Ciao!
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    Look for a new Ultra Lounge to open in Jan/Feb called Blush will open at Wynn-LV by the company that created Element in LA..the venue will replace the current lounge, Lure, as Steve Wynn continues to tweak his offerings...
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    Good point, what is the idea behind these sentence-like club names? I'm assuming some marketing analysis is going into it and they have a reason. But like you said, no one's gonna call it anything but "Vanity" or "Club Vanity."

    Anyway, thanks for the news!
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    Triq, the new Ultra lounge at Planet Hollywood (Aladdin) opens February 24. The unique lounge is part of magician Steve Wyrick's complex, but the more exciting aspect from a club point of view is that legendary Tony Verdugo (one of the founding fathers of after hours -AH- in Vegas; Drais) is behind it!

    The venue will be a theatre during the evening and change to an after-hours club later in the night. Similarly, Empire-AH is really a theatre, but houses the most popular AH in the city these days.


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