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Discussion in 'Nigeria' started by pokla, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. pokla

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    Since I've been planning the tourist visit to Nigeria could anybody advice me: is it necessary to have a letter of invitation in order to get the Nigeria tourist visa ? If its really needed any tips how to get it? I'll be gratefull for your help.
  2. yurlips

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    going to Nigeria

    im pretty sure 100% that you need a letter of invitation to get tourist visa. Have you got any relatives, friends, etc, or do you know anyone there? All they have to do is send you a letter saying that they wish to invite you. In the letter, the friend needs to out their address..hope that helps.
  3. C'monBal

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    letter of invitation to Nigeria

    this is true pokla...can I ask you? what's the purpose of your visit? because it's pretty straight forward to go there even if you don;t know that person very well. they need to be able to accommodate you and send proof of ID too.
  4. ToliaJohn

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    invitation to Nigeria

    if you're traveling for work purposes, get the company to send you the letter...otherwise, if you are on your own, book a hotel in Nigeria and use the hotel reservation as a contact. I was able to do this two years ago, but then again, may be this has changed. all the best pokla:)
  5. pokla

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    The purpose of my visit to Nigeria is tourist and unfortunately I don't have any friends in Nigeria or any contacts, letter isonly a mean to get tourist visa, just formal requirement. I don't want to bother anybody my visit. So if a statement of accommadation is needed in the letter of invitation, I don't plan to take adventage of it. I'm going sightseeing Nigeria the most safe states.
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    Nigeria visa approval process

    true, but a letter of invitation won't really make much difference in the approval process if you don't qualify on your own merits. Your friend or family member need to prove that you are in full time employment, have a bank account with money in it, and that you have enough money to cover all travel expenses without outside assistance (visa, plane ticket, travel insurance, spending money, etc). Oh by the way, booking a hotel in Nigeria won't count...

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