The Maldives is expensive?

Discussion in 'Maldives' started by borisD, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. borisD

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    After just coming back from a trip to the Maldives, I know I won't be going back there in a hurry. Don't get me wrong. The places is lovely and everything but the Maldives has no real budget accommodation like hostels and the cheaper resorts costs upwards $80 per night, even in the low season. Anyone else finds Maldives expensive? I think there's better and cheaper alternatives in the Caribbean, don't you?
  2. antonifuller

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    I couldn't agree more about the price, though if you can afford it it's worth traveling there if you want peace and quite. The Maldives is really idyllic and unlike most parts of the Caribbean, fairly untouched. If it's of any help the cheapest place to stay there that it's nice too it's Kandooma (beach villas start at around $170).
  3. mitraveler

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    Did you make your reservations online? I think there are some packages out there to be had. $80 is considered budget in some circles, but that does sound a lot to me. I've seen cheaper hotels on some of the bigger islands, especially Jamica.
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    Maldives beaches

    The Maldives is a different ball cant beat the Maldives's amazing scenry. You have to see it to believe a place like this is found on earth. The people there are lovely, and snorkelling and diving is certainly the best. Just go there for the the beaches, which are to die talcum-powder in your toes;)

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